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Chicken Coop Gazebo by Egganic Industries

Henspa Gazebo TM


We can apply any roof or any color.

Unpainted Model

Or, you can receive it without roof materials or color and finish it yourself .

The Gazebo is intended for stationary use. Unlike traditional coops, it has no floor. The hens mix mulch and dirt beneath.  Periodically, you refresh the mulch. Feeding grass clippings when you mow gives the hens needed nutrients. 


The Henspa Gazebo TM is targeted at the refined customer who wants chickens but doesn't want his or her yard to appear to have a chicken coop present. Like the Henspa Deluxe TM and Special Edition , it may be customized to fit with the other buildings on your estate.  This is a new product, yet in incorporates much of what we have learned over the years about what is important in a small flock hen house.


This photo is taken at the Keel home in Ringgold Virginia. I created this particular color scheme to fit in a fine garden I visited in West Virginia recently. Customers who send us a digital photo of the place they are planning on using the Gazebo can receive suggestions from us for specific wood tones and roof textures.



The roof slides open part way for access to the water and feed or nearly all of the way in order to replace the mulch or sawdust that is used as litter on the ground. Large wheels under the center of the roof and a  balanced weight  make opening the roof effortless.

The roof slides in either direction making cleaning the recommended litter easy to perform. You can use any mulch. It needs to be refreshed every 3 months.

(The model in these pictures is my lovely wife Nancy. Call her at  (800) 783-6344  to order your Henspa Gazebo TM .)


Simply Unlock the Roof

It slides effortlessly.

Egg access is easy. The eggs roll into an egg collection area.

Egg Door Open

The eggs roll to the back of the nest on an astro turf nest pad. (The entire nest box slides out to make cleaning a breeze.)

A door under the nest is available to allow the hens to free range.

The Sliding Roof is a distinctive feature

Other Features:


There is enough feed and water to leave 5-8 hens unattended for over 10 days. They can not reach their eggs after laying them as they are protected in the egg collection area.    

16" Flat Free Wheelbarrow Wheel roller system for the roof.

3 Nests With Sloped Floor and Astro Turf nest pad.

5 gallon heated water bucket with nipples for sanitary watering

Large galvanized metal feeder - 25 pound capacity

Easy to assemble kit construction

Optional Light and Timer

Wood Tones

We use Olympic Maximum Cedar Tinted Waterproofing Sealant . W e will add a tint to this product to match your requirements or you can choose from Natural Cedar Tone, Redwood or Dark Walnut.

Pricing, Assembly, Shipping





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