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The World of Chickens

Sources of natural chicken feed, knowledge about traditional ways of raising chickens around the world and in old times, putting health before profit in raising and feeding chickens.


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Starter feed is designed to feed baby chicks from hatching to 6 weeks. You may purchase starter for small poultry from a local feed store, or mix it yourself. We encourage the latter.

Most small poultry starter contains protein in the form of ground up chicken parts. For ethical as well as health reasons, many people may not want feed this starter to their chicks.   Also, since these chicks are being prepared to eat grass and associated bugs, it makes sense to feed them a more natural diet. With this in mind, we have talked to experts on pastured poultry to come up with alternative feeds.

As an authorized dealer for The Fertrell Company, we offer a starter supplement which contains many of the nutrients necessary for starting chicks. The supplement comes in 10 lb. bags, and is designed to be mixed with 90 lb. of feed.

Starter Supplement Ingredients

Pounds Ingredient
3 Fertrell's Poultry Nutri-Balance
5 Sea-Lac Fishmeal
2 Kelp Meal
<1 Probiotic

Instructions for mixing : Add to 90 lb. of other feed to make about 100 lb. of complete starter feed.

Option 1: Mix Starter supplement with a scratch mix that contains at least 1/3 corn, add cracked corn if there is not enough. The baby chick will start a little slower, since the cracked corn is a more difficult to eat than cornmeal.

Option 2: Combine
10 lb. Starter Supplement
60 lb. Cracked Corn (or Cornmeal)
30 lb. Soybean meal
3 lb. soybean oil
1 lb. Oyster shell or Aragonite
(Note: The oyster shell/Aragonite may be fed separately.)

Option 3: Locate a local feed mill that has starter feed without animal by-products. It needs to have at least 16% protein. Add the 10 lb. of starter supplement to every 100 lb. of starter feed. (This is what I do!)

Option 4: Add the starter supplement to your own custom feed. The starter feed should be at least 50% corn (either corn meal or cracked corn.)

Fertrell's Nutri-Balancer
bullet Kelp meal for naturally chelated vitamins and trace nutrients.
bullet Phosphorus for proper development
Amino Acids to enhance protein structuring
bullet B Vitamin Complex to support health and relieve stress
bullet Trace Minerals to ensure a complete nutritional supplement.

" The biggest benefit I have seen is overall increase in Layer health. Cost of feed has decreased by using this ration."
Jacob R. Glick, Leola, PA
Organic Laying Operation

Sea-Lac Menhaden Fish Meal

Sea-Lac is a specially processed fish meal designed to maximize intestinal amino acid digestibility. It contains 20 essential amino acids. Fish meal does not pose the risk to chicken health. It is not made up of chicken parts, thereby circulating potential diseased and encouraging cannibalism.

Kelp Meal
( Ascophyllum nodosum )

Modern intensive farming practices have resulted in soils with deficiencies. Crops grown on this soil have low nutritional content and may fail to supply the certain trace elements needed by animals. Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed is widely recognized to be the richest marine plant for agricultural use. It is dehydrated and pelletized to preserve the valuable natural properties of the live seaweed.


Small amounts of healthy bacteria such as lactobacillus acidophilus contribute to a health digestive tract.





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