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Water Bucket Installation Information: 

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Heated Flat Back Bucket Hook

Lift on, lift off, it could not be easier.

Simulated Coop Wall

Attach the hook that comes with the bucket , add water and you have a clean water supply that can be serviced without entering the coop.

If the bucket is installed inside the coop, it will be necessary to provide a cover to prevent the chickens from soiling the water.

There are 2 nipples on the bucket. One nipple will serve up to 10 chickens, so one bucket can serve 20 chickens.


Nipples as seen by Poultry

Millions of chickens in America enjoy drinking from overhead nipples. Now your backyard flock can have the same experience.

 Chickens can't swallow the way we do so they enjoy water above their heads that can trickle down their throats.


Install the bucket on the outside wall of any coop. It is so easy to see the water level and to clean, you will wonder why no one ever thought of this before! 

Water freezes from the top down, so the nipples stay frost free for several hours even a few degrees below freezing when the electric cord is not plugged into a source of electricity. .


H eated Bucket Waterer Installation on Version 3.0 Henspa TM .

The heated water bucket is now standard on all Henspas shipped after 12/1/00.  



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